YEEEY! here is our second CONTRIBUTION by a fellow bipolar dudette....THANKS Sheree!!!!

She is a blue hawk cliff-diving deep, into the rocky seas…

Fall’s first scarlet leaf spiraling on a crisp September breeze.

In mania, with wings unfurled, she sails cerulean skies

She gulps it in with wonder-wide, her joy is on the rise.

She feels such sense of power, soaring above it all…

Suffused with full felicity, how could she ever fall?

Eu•pho•ri•a is a deceptive drug when the beast has taken hold

False infallibility exacts harsh consequences paid for with the soul.

She escalates to shutter-speed—distractions-flashing,

blurring-focus-fading-elation crashing-thrashing

Transmuted to an aberration, agitation spawns self-flagellation.

Her half-self-decimation is the monster’s perpetuation.

The cycle never ceases…


© Sheree Ann Martines 2015

Prediction of a possibly uncertain Future
of all things sad
that came to pass
since i survived
my certain death  
and started living life 
on borrowed time
none moves my heart
more than the thought
how all that effort 
paired with hope
and albeit reluctant faith 
lead me to spread wings
that i never knew i had
which caused me to soar higher 
than even in my boldest dream
way up there in the distance
i did see many doors
not closed but open
so am i to blame now
for believing what i saw
how could i not
fool that i was
alas one day it all 
began to break apart 
till every bit seemed lost
that had been gained
with no one here but me
to witness my own fate
with no place left to go
and nothing that remained
for me to cater to
one could say that
the story of my painful 
yet enjoyable life
had just been told
was over now 
and done with-yet
if everything had gone 
according to the grand 
and perfect divine plan
i should no longer be here
and neither should these words 
have ever covered any page
yet here i am and here's my poem
it seems that maybe something 
somehow has gone wrong
....i have this urgent question
it has been burning up my mind
i'd gladly put it to you now,
if only i remembered what it was??? lol....
© Corinne Wesley, Bipolar Cancer Survivor, October 6, 2013
( found and edited April 10, 2015 ;) 


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